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Experience from patients


In April 2016 I have had rhinoplasty done by Dr. Stubenitsky. Since I was doubting my decision quite a lot I had two consults and asked for a second opinion by another surgeon. I eventually chose for Dr. Stubenitsky because of his expertise, his calm and clear explanation and his clear passion for the nose (everyone their own passion). The staff of the Velthuis clinique was without any exception incredibly nice and the surgery wasn’t that bad at all. I quit my painkillers earlier and went to work after a week and a half. Many friends don’t even notice the change, and that is exactly what I wanted. The result is very natural and I am very happy with it.

Experience from patients


Since I can remember I have been conscious of my nose. Not sure at what point the deviation happened but do remember some incidents with baskets balls slamming my nose and the intense pain thereafter possibly leading to the bump. Anyway as life went on got the confidence in myself to live with it but after coming back every few years to the idea I eventually decided to give it a serious thought. Did the research and found the doctor in Netherlands when I was visiting. Was in one the top clinics, visited him, and he made me feel he was the right guy. I had previously once visited two doctors, the first who used turkey something to describe the hang of the nose (made me feel insecure), another who said it would all be fine etc this guy didn’t make me feel insecure and told me what we would correct, showed me on ipad how it would look and said we should go for a natural looking change. Day of surgery and follow-up all went well and really the biggest fear I had was post op pain which basically there wasn’t any much at all. The nose was stuffed with cotton buds for a few days and that made sleeping difficult but nose recovered fast. didn’t bruise much at all and once the things were taken off… I was ready to go normal. I’m glad I got it done. It looks perfect from side. I would like the tip to be sharper and may get a revision done on the tip only. So if you have been thinking about it – suggest make sure the clinic is reputable and the doctor has a good history. One thing about EU is that doctors don’t seem to advertise themselves and their work as much as in US so while I do prefer the US style marketing the job was done well and no one noticed per se the rhinoplasty in that it wasn’t a drastic new nose or face but perfecter one. Dr. Bart showed me on his ipad his previous patients (and a lot of em) plus also did a stimulation on some software in his ipad about what my final outcome will be like – this REALLY helped in deciding how to go. Also I described the issues I felt and he explained how he can fix it and gave further recommendations such as reduction of nostrils or leaving the bump for masculine look etc. The guy knows what he is doing and did a fantastic job with which I’m super glad. Also about the marketing aspect, the main diff between US vs NL I suppose, that US doctors put all their patient photos on site while I couldn’t find many doctors who put up their work on their site, I’m not sure why that is but I guess culturally europeans are less flamboyant than Americans… just a guess 🙂

Doctor Stubenitsky is a real gentleman and professional. Staff are pleasant. Everything good! He goes for a natural look so what he showed me how it will the nose is. I will get a revision done on the tip because I’d like it smaller sharper. He is happy to take care of it. After care follow up could be more detailed but was ok anyway.

Experience from patients


Dear Dr. Stubenitsky, I went to the nurse yesterday to have my splint and stitches removed, and when I looked into mirror I was speechless. I think it looks incredibly beautiful, I am so happy, it exceeded all my expectations. I want to thank you so much for everything, I have a hard time explaining how happy I am. I would recommend the Velthuis clinique and especially you to everyone! And of course also the sweet and caring nurses, I am very satisfied. On Wednesday I have an appointment for a checkup with you, than I can thank you in person.

Experience from patients


On the 28th of November 2015 I have had rhinoplasty done by dr. Stubenitsky. During the intake I immediately felt comfortable with doctor Stubenitsky. He listened really good to all my wishes but was also clear about the possibilities I had. I would definitely recommend dr. Stubenitsky. He is a spontaneous man who is at the same time very professional and passionate about his profession. The result is above my expectations, I am very pleased with it.

Experience from patients


The time and attention I got during my orientation meeting and intake before the surgery made sure I was calm and went into the surgery with a positive attitude. The result is above any of my expectations and looks very natural.

Experience from patients

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